Our Process


What sets you apart from the competition often comes down to an original and innovative approach that derives from your company’s unique strengths. We hold an initial consultation to ensure we understand your requirements and offer new ways in which to carry them out.

Research & Strategy

We begin this phase by gathering the facts. We sit down to research and strategise ideas for design and marketing campaigns. We'll discuss and define your requirements before planning your design or system structure.

Design & Develop

The design and development is managed by a project manager of your choice. We'll create timelines and stages for the project with set deadlines for both parties. All the creative undergoes separate stages of development including explorations, refinements, design, development and application.

Feedback & Amend

Our role is to produce projects that work. Listening to you and taking your feedback will enable us to make amendments and complete the tasks.


We deliver code, artwork, marketing material or print to your specifications. Systems and websites are thoroughly tested, print is proofed and videos are colour and sound checked.